Simply Natural Super Greens + Apple

Simply Natural Super Greens + Apple

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Simply Natural Nutrition Super Greens + Apple has been referred to as the BEST TASTING GREENS ON THE MARKET!

No longer do super green's have to taste like cut grass! Simply Natural Nutrition Super Greens + Apple, contains organic crisp green apple's, making taking your green's easier and more delicious than ever, and of course 100% Natural!

Super Greens + Apple contains a full spectrum of alkalising greens , antioxidant rich whole fruit & vegetables, immune support herbs and friendly pre & probiotics, as well added Aquamin to attain the highest mineral content possible.

Each serving contains your RDI of green vegetables, supports detoxification and nutrient absorption while assisting in alkalising your body.

Super Greens + Apple support's healthy digestion & boost's Immune System function and is recommended by health care professionals. 

Bursting with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and phytonutrients Super Green’s + Apple provides the optimal ingredients to assist in vitality and energy each and every day the yummy way!